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Raise Your Vibe: Crystals 101

Crystals are having a moment right now (at least here in LA) so I figured I’d ask the expert, jewelry designer Rosa Hu of House of Who, to share her vast knowledge of these mystical stones. Grab a pen, take notes, and get ready to raise your vibration!

Have you always had this obsession or did you recently get into crystals?

I’ve always liked crystals since I was a kid! They are just so magical looking! When I was about 5, we drove out to the Grand Canyon like we did every summer and one time, we stopped at this geode farm in the middle of the desert that looked like a junk yard out of Mad Max- Beyond Thunderdome where some weird guy sold rocks he would slice in half for you. There was a giant mountain of geodes you could choose from that were rough and drab on the outside but once he sliced them open there was a dazzling universe of crystals inside! The guy even taught me some tricks in picking the best ones! I’ve been hooked ever since, especially with what crystals can provide energetically.

Three of Rosa's crystal necklaces on display.

The crystals choose you as opposed to the other way around.

A box full of multicolored crystals.

What are a few of your favorite types?

I love them all!! They all have their own beauty, but I especially like the natural formations of clusters and points and all the phantoms and inclusions that naturally grow together. It blows my mind how these perfectly structured, even architecturally sound formations grow all on their own in Mother Nature in the most stunning shapes and colors. I don’t think we as humans could manufacture anything more perfect.

As far as my favorites energetically, that changes from time to time depending on my life situation and what I may need at the time. I was in a crystal store in Hawaii once and the old guy who owned the store told me to take a walk around the shop and pick up the one I felt the most connection with. Once I did, he told me the energies that particular stone emitted and it could not have been more in line with what I was feeling and needing in my life! The crystals choose you as opposed to the other way around.

Name some other popular ones and their healing properties.

Black Tourmaline is a must for everyone, it’s a really strong protection talisman stone used to dispel negativity of all kinds and purify/protect your space. I put these all around and above the doorways into my house to keep any negativity from entering my home and to encourage + welcome positivity.

Carnelian and Pyrite are some of my favorites in their amazingly complex variety of colors and markings (carnelian) and different formations and shapes (pyrite). They are both stones that I keep in my office near where I work because they are both great “action” fire stones for motivation, courage, and endurance, ambition and success. They both bring about confidence to manifest your desires. Carnelian especially reminds me of my very fabulous mother. She had a lot of carnelian jewelry and achieved much in her lifetime. She came here from another country for graduate school, had multiple degrees and worked on Wall Street in the 70’s. She also traveled the world, designed some of her own clothing, had poetry published and was a talented painter. I’d say carnelian really worked for her!

Black stones in the shape of skulls sit next to a framed photo of Rosa's mother.
One of Rosa's crystal neckalces with gold metal fringe.

Quartz of course! This is the all-purpose “universal crystal” with a multitude of uses, from cleansing and transmitting harmonizing energies in a space, to providing healing and protection. They are great amplifiers of energies around them when placed next to other crystals, and they balance one’s environment. I have these in all kinds of forms: polished, tumbled, spheres, points, clusters, cubes, pyramids. They are placed all over my house and around my property line creating a “barrier" of light and protection.

One of my favorites is Tibetan Quartz which holds sacred energy and wisdom from the mountains of Tibet, giving them an extra spiritual vibration focused on healing and transforming negative to positive. They are mined and carried by hand sometimes by the monks. I grew up Buddhist and my parents were very devout so this is especially meaningful to me.


Rosa displays a magazine article featuring her mother, Shirley Ting Hu.

Malachite has the most mesmerizing lines and circles in its variation of green bands. It’s really so beautiful, like rippling pools in water. Energetically, malachite is very protective and a stone of abundance, good fortune, and success so I keep a large piece in my office. It promotes confidence by releasing any victim energy and brings balance. Malachite is also the “traveler’s stone” – it brings good fortune and protection during travel so I like carrying a couple on trips.

Smokey Quartz, another favorite, is a strong crystal for grounding and cleansing of yourself and your space. It can absorb and transmute negative thoughts and energy to be released and transformed into positive. I place these all through my house, mostly in living spaces where guests and friends gather. I like gifting smokey quartz; I’ve given some to friends and family with anxiety and depression so they can get a little help turning that energy around into happiness.

This barely scratches the surface, but it’s a starting list of my favorites. I encourage everyone to take a stroll around a crystal shop and see what you gravitate towards... the crystal will choose you.

Table with plants, books, a framed painting, and of course, crystals.