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Night Palm: Interiors For Your Dream Home

Silver Lake scores again. Night Palm is hands-down one of the best new shops on LA’s east side, showcasing a collection of stunning interior design treasures. As in pieces so good, you’ll want to buy a house just to go with those chairs. Part retail shop, art gallery, and concept space, Night Palm does everything right to invite you in and make sure you never want to leave. Inside, the vibe is warm and sexy. Cozy up in the artful reading nook or peruse vintage objects, Moroccan textiles, eclectic accessories, music and fashion legend photography, home wares from local and international designers, and more.

Tiffany Howell is the artist behind the vision. With an extensive career background working for Herb Ritts and his production company, Ritts/Hayden, she quickly climbed up the ladder to head of the company’s Music Videos division. There, she produced videos for big artist names (do Justin Timberlake and J. Lo ring a bell?). From there, she directed a few music videos of her own, did fashion styling, and then started her own production company. In the midst of it all, she was always helping friends with interior styling and most enjoyed designing sets for shoots, so the concept of curating a space that merges art, design, and community was a no-brainer next step. 

We sat down with Tiffany to chat about her many inspirations. Find out what her current obsessions are and what’s on her playlist. Plus, a tour of Tiffany’s architecturally famous Silver Lake home coming sure to check back!


A framed photo of David Bowie hangs above a white table topped with different sized bowls.
Interior view of Night Palm.
A table displays jewelry and bath and beauty products sold at Night Palm.

First off, I love the name. Why Night Palm?

It was actually the name of a poem I wrote a long time ago about living in Silver Lake.

The store is so gorgeous! What inspiration or references did you use when designing the interior?

Oh boy. I had a gigantic vision board that I had been accumulating images on for years! Mostly though, art and music are my go-to when visualizing spaces. I started designing Night Palm with color references from some of my favorite paintings and the vibe of the store usually is parallel to whatever music I have on repeat.

Tell us about some of the most recent products you're excited about in the shop.

I love the textiles that Jonas Berkvist did exclusively for Night Palm. Also, I am obsessed with Golden Black's Bowie Earring. I get pretty emotional about my vintage pieces. I'll be honest, it's hard to let them go often.


The vibe of the store usually is parallel to whatever music I have on repeat.




You carry goods from all over the world. Are there any particular locations you love buying from or that really inspire you?  

Morocco. Always!

You have amazing style. How would you describe it? Who are your personal style muses?  

Thank you. I love Lou Dillon's style. Somewhere between Bianca Jagger and Nick Cave's vibe is where I find myself.

You live and work in Silver Lake. How does the neighborhood influence you? 

Aesthetically,  Silver Lake is pretty sexy. I love the different styles of architecture and all the greenery in our neighborhood.

If you only had one day to spend in Silver Lake, how would you spend it?  I love food so honestly, I would eat my way through all the amazing restaurants we have on the East side.

Black and white photo of a singer decorates the wall of Night Palm.
Ceramic bowls, mugs, cups, pitchers, and coffee line a few of the shelves in Night Palm.
Blue and clear shot glasses and ceramic pitcher.

Complete the statements.

The last book I read:

Gosh. Does Domino Mag count?

Currently on my playlist:


My drink of choice:

Daytime - Kombucha on tap. Nighttime - Mezcal.

My most prized possession:

Family photos

Right now I'm obsessed with:


Favorite place to find cool shit:

It's a secret:-) But, I still love Pasadena City College Flea Market

The best trip I ever took was:

to the French Countryside

Tiffany bio image.